Valerie Bloom

writer and performance poet


on 16 June 2013

It has been a while since I last posted and I’m so sorry.  I have a confession to make.  I’m a bit of a technophobe, so I do the minimum I can get away with on my computer.  But I’m attempting to overcome this and will try to be more punctual with my updates in future.  If only I could remember my passwords!

Since last time I’ve been to China and thoroughly enjoyed the visit  to the British School of Guangzhou.  Lovely children, a great staff and brilliant book week activities. I even managed a bit of writing while I was there, which is rare on tours as I’m usually brain dead at the end of a school day. I was surprised to see so many tropical plants growing in Guangzhou, and got very excited when I saw the little stalls groaning under the weight of mangoes, pineapples etc.  Took me right back to Jamaica.

I was also in Israel where I did the Bibleland tour.  An awesome experience.  The most poignant moment was when I stepped into the empty tomb where Jesus was laid.  Now, when I read the Bible, so many things are clearer than they were before.

I took a break to Majorca in April when Britain was in the clutches of persistent winter, and the balmy weather did wonders for the flow of my creative juices. This little time to write has made me realise how much the writing has suffered because of the travelling and performing, so I’ve decided to cut back on the gallivanting and will now be spending more time at my desk, though I’m off to Malaysia later in the year.

Just talking about writing has lit the fire in my veins and my notebook is calling – urgently.  Until next time.