Valerie Bloom

writer and performance poet

Works list

Poetry (adults’)

Touch Mi! Tell Mi! (Bogle L’Ouverture Press, 1983)

Poetry (children’s)

Stars With Flaming Tails (Otter-Barry Books, 2021)

Jaws and Claws and Things With Wings (Harper Collins, 2013)

Whoop an’ Shout (MacMillan Children’s Books, 2003)

Hot Like Fire (Bloomsbury Children’s Books, 2002)

The World Is Sweet (Bloomsbury Children’s Books, 2000)

Let Me Touch The Sky (MacMillan Children’s Books, 2000)

Fruits (MacMillan Children’s Books, 2000)

Ackee, Breadfruit, Callaloo (Bogle L’Ouverture and MacMillan Caribbean, 1999)

Duppy Jamboree (Cambridge University Press, 1992)


The Tribe (MacMillan Children’s Books, 2007)

Surprising Joy (MacMillan Children’s Books, 2003)

Anthologies (edited)

A Twist in the Tale (MacMillan Children’s Books, 2005)

One River Many Creeks (MacMillan Children’s Books, 2003)

Under the Moon, Know What I Mean, A Poison Tree & The Snake’s Pyjamas (With Pie Corbett; Ginn and Company, 2003)

On a Camel to the Moon (Belitha Press [now Chrysalis Books], 2001)


Valerie Bloom (Poetry Archive, 2006)

Yuh Hear Bout? (58 Productions, 1998)


On Good Form (Apples & Snakes, 2005)

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